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Managed IT Services

OSI will proactively maintain your network in tip-top shape using sophisticated and industry proven technologies. Behind the scenes we will up-keep your servers, computers, network equipment, and data backup. Critical software patches for your business computers will be deployed on a monthly basis. Our on-call service staff receive around the hour status monitoring of business critical, network enabled devices

Our entry-level Essentials package is very affordable and includes workstation/server monitoring, preventative maintenance, deployment of operating system and third party security patches and updates, centralized Antivirus, asset management, and health reporting. Optional items include Web Content Filtering and Mobile Device Management


Our Premier Support package includes the Essentials package plus unlimited onsite and remote IT Services and is backed by a service level agreement, all for one fixed low monthly fee. Our customers love this package, they compare it to having a full-time IT guy but for a fraction of the price

Managed IT Services


When it comes to Cloud Technologies you can rely on OSI to provide you with the best solutions

Cloud is equally essential to both small and large organizations, whether its hosting your email server, file-sharing, email spam filtering, or even hosting your  servers in the cloud, OSi offers it all

Why Cloud? the main benefits of Cloud is that it eliminates a lot of up-front hardware/licensing costs and adds value that is not available in a standard server closet

Value such as gigabit internet speeds, security and environmental monitoring, redundant telecom providers, and power generators should the lights go out, OSI recommends cloud to be in your IT Solution, call us today for more information

Backup Appliance

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Through our many years of experience we've created the best recipe for backup.

At OSI Network Solutions, our backups are inclusive, reliable, and most importantly maintained 24/7

In order to eliminate uncontrolled costs to the client we've even turned it into a service, that's right one fixed monthly fee for backup! Whether you need to backup one computer or a group of servers across the planet, OSI has a solution for you, call us today for more information

Backup & DR

Procurement Services​

No matter how big or small we provide it all, whether its printing supplies for your printers or a total network refresh including laptops, workstations, servers, storage devices, switches, routers/firewalls, WiFi, and many other hardware/software products

Through our connections with the major IT distributors in Canada we are able to provide competitive prices and fast turn-around for all your IT procurement needs.

We also offer a complementary consulting service where we work with our suppliers to ensure our client not only gets the best deal but also the best fit product

Procurement Services
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